I’ve gotten awesome support

“The youth substance use program was so helpful. I’ve gotten awesome support and I learned techniques that help me stay balanced and less triggered.”

Raj S.

Individual counseling really helped

“The individual counseling at Vasantham has really helped me heal. I’ve been seeing improvements on my mood and thoughts! I’m glad I found this program”

Thurkaa M.

Vasantham was helping during this pandemic

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vasantham was able deliver me necessities. As an elderly with physical health complications, I am so happy to know that there are services that take into consideration our struggles during this time.”

Theva S.  

Vasantham is my family

I’ve been a part of the Vasantham seniors’ group for 10 years, the staff and the other seniors are like my family now! Everyone is so supportive, and I look forward to the meetings each week.

Sellamuthu Tarcicus

The alcohol group so well helped me

I was referred by the RAAM clinic. Even with the switch to virtual meetings, they run the alcohol group so well! I’ve completed the program now and it has helped me stop drinking

Aravinth K.

Because of the group I’m able to remain in the present

“The group I did help me meet Tamil women experiencing similar struggles as me. It really gave me professional and social support. Because of the group, I’m able to remain in the present and be more mindful.”

Larraine J.

The yoga instructor is a great teacher

“At this age, doing the seniors yoga has helped me be more calm and peaceful. The yoga instructor is a great teacher.”

Nageswary Sivagurnathan